Wednesday, 18 April 2012

How Delicate!

How delicate life is
A delicate web of simplicity that gives meaning to the many tasks we do
Yet we seldom stop to appreciate them
Until the day that they are gone

Next time you have a chance to say something nice
Don't question whether you should or shouldn't
Its one of the little things that will lift someone
And without which life becomes dense and heavy
Not light and joyful

Appreciate the first ray of light in the morning
The kiss goodmorning from someone you love
The compliment from a friend
The smile from a stranger
The wayward toungue of you pet

These are the delicate lacework of life
That fill our hearts
And give us strength to live

Don't wait till its gone before you recognise it
As you are touched gently by life
Enjoy it and pass it on

It won't stop the missing 
But the memory will help the healing


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