Thursday, 3 January 2013

In My Garden

In an effort to become more computer comfortable I am going to blog more.
Today is my new beginning and I have chosen a subject close to my heart-My Garden
Here are some photos I took earlier today of some special beauties.

The Bergonia disappeared after flowering and I just tucked the pot out of the way.
Much later needing a pot for something else I thought that the old begonia pot would be perfect
only to discover that the plant was re-emerging.
Here it is beginning to flower-what a treat.

The Elephant Ear was another 'find'. This time in the garden. They were everywhere and so I neglected them and they disappear.
When they poked their heads back up I placed them in pots. This one just took off and now it is flowering.

Their fragrance is beautifully delicate and floats in the breeze.


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